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Your own remote development team



Looking for additional software developers?
Through our partner offices in Western Ukraine, we realize new software solutions for both corporates and start-ups.


How do we work?

Introductory meeting

Our nearshoring service starts with a face-to-face introductory meeting, where one of our Dutch business developers visits the company. After we learned everything about your company, we like to discuss the desired profiles, the team composition and the company’ culture.


The next step is a video call with our colleagues (CTO / Head of project management) in Ukraine to discuss the requirements. After that the recruiters will start working on the spot to find the right candidates. These candidates will be screened by a technical interview and an HR / competence interview. The best candidates will then be selected and presented. The lead time is 1 month on average.


After our screening we present you the candidates so you can personally interview them. After the interview you can decide whether to hire them or to further screen them. Of course, there also is the possibility to visit one of our locations in Ukraine to meet the candidates face-to-face.

We go live

And then ... we go live. The developers work full time for your company at which you also manage them directly. Congratulations on your new colleagues!

Why Ukraine??

Ukraine has the largest number of IT professionals in Europe.

Worldwide the country is the in fourth place, right after the United States, India and Russia. The country currently has around 185,000 IT professionals, more than half of whom are developers.

Every year Ukraine has around 35,000 IT graduates.

More than 400 universities and colleges in Ukraine annually have more graduates (with an average or advanced level of the English language) in the technical sciences than many other countries known for their innovation, such as Japan, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands … That makes the flow of new talent beyond stable.


Only one-hour time difference with most European countries

Therefore, fast communication is possible between the teams in the Netherlands and Ukraine. This is an enormous advantage for meetings via videocall and telephone appointments in comparison with for example India, Canada or China.

Cultural resemblance

The work ethic of Ukrainian IT people is similar to the work ethics in West European companies. Ukrainian tech workers are certainly not only executors, they are also personally involved in the projects where they are working on it. Proactive thinking is taken into account in its development.

Benefits of Nearshoring

You focus on the core business, we find the programmers.
Possibility for quick upscaling.
Full involvement in the recruitment process. You are the one who makes the final selection.
You are in full control over the process, (100% committed to your project).
Office space, equipment, administration or support staff are no longer you concern.
Significantly lower costs!
A 2-month trial in which the contract can be terminated daily. After the trial period, the contract is monthly terminable.

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